Allison Tremain


Ucluelet, British Columbia

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Passionate about sharing her love of the island's west coast through art, printmaker Allison Tremain depicts her passion for nature in her unique style and technique of relief linocut printmaking.

"I find replacing a brush or pencil with a carving tool allows me to surrender to the potential randomness of the printmaking process. The result can be a beautiful bold impression of the wilderness of the west coast."

"To create my multi-coloured prints I use a rubbery material that is similar to a linocut or linoleum tile. I like the soft material; it provides flow and movement to my carvings. To print, I roll ink over the carved surface of the printing plate, place paper on top of the wet ink, then press or rub to lift the ink into a reverse printed image. The two elements I add to this 'stamping' technique are:
      1) Applying more than one colour for the same image;
      2) Carving the same piece of block over and over, each time for each colour. This is called reduction cut relief printmaking.
Combining these two elements results in a limited edition series. I have to determine how many prints I want in the limited edition because once I am done with each colour printing and begin carving again, that's it.
Each print is hand pulled and differs from each other in the series."

 - Allison Tremain

Artist Statement

"I live and work in the rainforest on the western edge of Canada. This place provides a landscape for me to creatively depict the land and sea, flora and fauna. I try to capture the colours, textures and movement of what I see in my moments out here. It's my way of sharing this extraordinary beauty, and my attempt to translate how dynamic this place is on paper." - Allison Tremain