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Stone Sheep
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Price: $500.00
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Stone Sheep

Limited Edition of 10 prints - Artist signed and numbered
Prints available - Please inquire

Each print may vary slightly from other prints in the edition as they are individually hand-printed

"Stone Sheep are found in Northern British Columbia. I spent a working season in Peace River Country in 2002 and explored the region from Tumbler Ridge to Dawson Creek, mile zero for the Alaska Highway. If you travel even farther to Fort Nelson and beyond you can spend time in Muncho and Stone Mountain Provincial Park and my favourite hot springs in BC. Stone Mountain Provincial Park is known as the foothills of the Northern Rockies and the geology is spectacular, The undulating folds and lineations of the metamorphic rocks are outstanding and spotted everywhere are rock piles are these stone sheep. Their horns almost look suspended above their head, almost impossible that they are a fixed item on the body. I wanted to highlight these beautiful features and enhance the curves and growth like tree rings."
- Allison Tremain -

Product code: 127-18s
Medium: 'Limited Edition' Hand Pulled Reduction Block-Cut Print
Width: 18"
Height: 13"

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