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Sacred Sun
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Sacred Sun

FINE ART (GICLEE) PRINT is printed on Epson enhanced matte paper with museum quality archival pigment ink these Giclee Fine Art Print with colours guaranteed for 75+ years. $50.00

ART POSTER PRINT is laser printed on robust 100lb FSC Certified Card-stock they are resistant to water and dirt and can be rolled up for transport. $10.00 - $20.00

GICLEE PRINT ON CANVAS is available, please inquire.

Printed locally with love in the beautiful Comox Valley.

The West Coast Story

 "Ever since that first moment when I felt it’s warm nurturing rays, I’ve worshiped the sun. Without it, all life on Earth would cease to exist, so deep down on an organic level we're all creatures born from the sun. It’s like a distant great grandmother, sending energy, wisdom and love from afar. She lights our path, put us to bed and then greets us every morning with a loving smile and embrace. West Coast Winters can be dark and long so I usually escape to the sunny snow-capped peaks of the Kootenays or the warm beaches of Mexico. Similar to Vedic traditions, the Toltec Warriors of Northern Mexico divide all of human history into different sun cycles of consciousness. They believe that like Mother Earth, the Sun is a living being and transmits knowledge to us through light waves. We are currently in the 5th sun cycle, a time of awakening and remembering. In India, locals look to the sun for more than knowledge and actually eat its rays. In a practice called “sun gazing” they stare at the sun during sunrise and sunset when the UV rays are less harmful. Beginning with short stares, they slowly work their way up to hour long periods, and feed of this ephemeral universal energy.

Fungi have always been my favourite canvases to paint, beginning with the hunt deep in the rain forest. This particular fungi is from Mt. Elphinstone on the Sunshine Coast. I harvested it from a second growth block that I laid out to be logged when I was a Forest Tech. I can still vividly remember the extreme weight of it, loaded into the back of my cruiser vest, as I started the long hot hike back to the truck."
- Andrew Talbot -

Product code: 108-SacredSun
Medium: Fine Art Print from Painted Fungi
Image Size: 15 1/4" x 11"
Paper Print Size: 16 1/4" x 12"