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Sunset Surf
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Sunset Surf

"I've always seen surfing as the greatest metaphor for life. It teaches hard work, determination, practice, patience and most importantly an ability to connect with the cycles, rythms and energy of mother earth. In doing this, we find our higher selves, cleanse and wash away what isn't serving us. In the ocean, we must learn to be the observer and flow with it in an effortless dance, never trying to control or fight it. This sea of nothingness where it all began, has been my home, my temple, my classroom and my medicine since birth. It's an ever-changing world, stormy and calm, playful and dangerous, cold and warm, dark and inviting. Surfing is much more than a sport and that's what makes it so difficult yet so rewarding. Humanity finds itself paddling out through set after set, getting pounded and sucked under over and over, because those few seconds of freedom, balance, joy and mindfulness transcends our domesticated personas. Each new swell offers the opportunity of remembrance, as we flow once again with the life force of Tao. Looking deep inside ourselves we are 70% ocean which creates a blank canvas for this positive life energy to stick to. This painting embodies the deep love of these two oceans coming together at dusk, when the physical melts into the formless and the heart of the universe sets behind a soul release."
- Andrew Talbot -

Archival Paper Prints Available $50.00

Art Cards & Giclee Canvas Print Also Available

Product code: 108-SunsetSurf
Medium: Reproduction Prints from Original Painting
Image Size: 6 3/4" x 17"
Paper Print Size: 7 3/4" x 18"
Art Card Size: 4" x 9 1/4"