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Broken Sunset
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Broken Sunset

FINE ART (GICLEE) PRINT is printed on Epson enhanced matte paper with museum quality archival pigment ink these Giclee Fine Art Print with colours guaranteed for 75+ years. $50.00

ART POSTER PRINT is laser printed on robust 100lb FSC Certified Card-stock they are resistant to water and dirt and can be rolled up for transport. $10.00 - $20.00

GICLEE PRINTS ON CANVAS are available, please inquire.

Printed locally with love in the beautiful Comox Valley.

The West Coast Story

"Back in my university days I studied West Coast Archaeology through the University of Victoria. I was fortunate enough to work on a field school digging up a Huu-ay-aht Village on Diana Island in the Deer Group. We spent a few months immersing ourselves in the landscape and culture, trying to dream up what it must have been like living as a hunter gatherer hundreds of years ago. In my eyes, it must have been Valhalla. Bountiful harvests, stories, music, dance, artwork and a deep connection to the spirit world and mother. As I uncovered an old whaling harpoon head made of bone and mussel shell from the dirt, I'd imagine the strength and courage it took to take down a whale in a dugout canoe. As I dug up a thick layer of sand laid down from a past Tsunami, I'd imagine the bravery and adaptability it took to survive and rebuild a whole village. The power of their communities is rooted in a deeper understanding of the cycles, rhythms and sacred laws of this planet. It has allowed them to thrive in challenging environments for millennia. By listening to the earth, animals, oceans, and stars they are constantly guided, and in return know how to heal the planet. With all their needs met, they had the time to celebrate the great mystery of existence, and journey deeper into the themselves and the universe. As I sat in my hammock by the campfire on Diana Island that summer, I looked out over the Broken Islands with Ucluelet on the misty horizon. The air was perfectly still and I soaked in one of the most incredible sunsets I've ever witnessed. It's a great reminder that even when conditions aren't perfect, the sun is always there, setting just like it did for that village, burning bright for hundreds, thousands, millions of years. It's those moments that pull us underneath it all, to a timeless place, to the light that never fades."
- Andrew Talbot -

Product code: 108-BSunset
Medium: Reproduction Prints from Original Painting
Image Size: 10" x 13 1/2"
Paper Print Size: 11" x 14 1/2"