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China Beach Cedar
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China Beach Cedar

"I've spent five years on and off living around Victoria. It blows me away every time I drive out to the west coast that I can be in a city of a quarter million people, and then an hour later, be surfing a break in the rainforest alone. Some weeks I'd spend four days straight driving out to surf at China Beach and Sombrio. I'd drive through rain and snow all winter, sometimes parking my car on the highway and walking thirty minutes through a foot of snow to surf perfect uncrowded waves. China Beach has always been close to my heart because it's where the true west coast begins. Shrouded in thick mists and campfire smoke, it instantly takes you from the city to another world. Giant old growth red cedars explode upwards and a hidden waterfall at the end of the beach trickles downward with its calming flow. Surfers ride lefts, rights and heavy beach breaks, as swells stretch around the island and up the Juan De Fuca Strait. Like a trapdoor in the forest floor, it's always offered me a quick escape from the challenges of the city, university and society. A place that always leaves you more balance and refreshed, a stepping stone to roam, an Om away from home."
- Andrew Talbot -


Archival Paper Prints Available $50.00

Art Cards & Giclee Canvas Prints Also Available

Product code: 108-CBC
Medium: Reproduction Prints from Original Painting
Image Size: 13 1/2" x 10"
Paper Print Size: 14 1/2" x 11"
Art Card Size: 6 1/2" x 5"

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