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Liquid Dreams
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Liquid Dreams

FINE ART (GICLEE) PRINT is printed on Epson enhanced matte paper with museum quality archival pigment ink these Giclee Fine Art Print with colours guaranteed for 75+ years. $50.00

ART POSTER PRINT is laser printed on robust 100lb FSC Certified Card-stock they are resistant to water and dirt and can be rolled up for transport. $10.00 - $20.00

GICLEE PRINTS ON CANVAS are available, please inquire.

Printed locally with love in the beautiful Comox Valley.

The West Coast Story

"I grew up next to the beach in Comox and the ocean always felt like home to me. I’ve tried living in the mountains but lakes somehow just don’t cut it. There’s an crazy, captivating energy that surrounds the ending of solid, stable, earth and the beginning of an endless, flowing, body of water. It’s like organized chaos in every moment, constantly changing and never bored, it’s truly life on the edge. Maybe it’s because we are more ocean than solid matter, and when floating, we're returning to where life began. I now try to plan every trip I do around surfing and finding those perfect pieces of coastline where all the elements come together in magical ways. I’ve travelled solo from Mexico to Panama and back, from Costa Rica to Argentina, and across Australia and Indonesia, always with a surfboard under my arm and an unquenchable thirst for salty water. There’s something so healing and cleansing about duck diving wave after wave to be reborn through a barrel high and dry. Like Epson salts, the oceans minerals are calming and detoxifying helping our skin to release and let go. It always feels like returning home, and all the troubles, worries, and fears are rinsed away with the dirt and sweat of the day. This canvas was based off a picture I took in Mal Pais, Costa Rica, on that first solo trip when I was twenty-one.  In those early hours of the morning all coastlines resemble one another, beckoning us to strip it all off, jump in, a remember where we are from. The ocean can be a window to another world or a mirrored reflection of yourself, which one do you choose to dive into?"

-Andrew Talbot-

Product code: 108-LDreams
Medium: Reproduction Prints from Original Painting
Image Size: 6 3/4" x 17"
Paper Print Size: 8" x 18"
Art Card Size: 4" X 9 1/2"