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FINE ART (GICLEE) PRINT is printed on Epson enhanced matte paper with museum quality archival pigment ink these Giclee Fine Art Print with colours guaranteed for 75+ years. $50.00

ART POSTER PRINT is laser printed on robust 100lb FSC Certified Card-stock they are resistant to water and dirt and can be rolled up for transport. $10.00 - $20.00

GICLEE PRINT ON CANVAS is available, please inquire.

Printed locally with love in the beautiful Comox Valley.

The West Coast Story

"One of the things I love the most about living in the North West is that our environment is constantly changing. It forces us to be adaptable, and to embrace the energy swirling around us that is constantly shifting. In Tofino, we experience all four seasons most days, as fronts build, release and dissipate. We sway with the energy and get transformed with each new moment. This change strengthens our characters and allows us to really cherish the times of warmth and peace in the summer months. The cold and rain grounds our souls through the winter, as we focus on survival in hostile conditions. This energy and freshness life has, is the thing I miss the most when traveling to tropical shores and it's what always pulls me home. Like the seasons our beings evolve through cycles, not a linear path like our mind have us believe. I was going through a really difficult time of change during the painting of this canvas, and I wanted it to symbolize the letting go of all the layers and masks humanity is trapped behind. As the trees shake off the past, so can we, moving forward and soaring high through all life's struggles. "Release" was created for a close family who wanted a bug's eye view of the canopy, a perspective our society needs more of. It's based off a grove of Broad Leaf Maples next to Great Central Lake, near Port Alberni. These trees are protected from logging and are being sustainably tapped for maple syrup production by the Hupacasaph First Nations."
- Andrew Talbot -


Product code: 108-Release
Medium: Reproduction Prints from Original Painting
Image Size: 16" x 10"
Paper Print Size: 17" x 11"

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