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Sombrio Sunset
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Sombrio Sunset

"Sombrio beach, the epitome of the west coast lifestyle on Vancouver Island, where towering Sitka Spruce shrouded in mist meet glassy winter swells that pulse across the Salish Sea. A few chimney foundations are the only remnants left from the thriving pioneer community that called this river mouth home. Chickens, goats, free spirits, and wave-riders moved in midway through the last century and created a lifestyle all of their own. Numerous waterfalls and river mouths pour out from this beach, shaping the breaks as the river and tides flow. These sets, pouring in from across the Pacific, are the most consistent during the winter months. They meet the rocky points and ledges along this southern coastline and release. Eagles fly overhead, grey whales feed in the bays and bears comb the beaches. Campfires dot the shores and smoke twists and climbs to meet mists that coat the rainforests. A land always damp, vibrant and fresh, with sunrises and sunsets that turn to tapestries of fiery colours as each day begins and ends. Whether you are a hiker, kayaker, or surfer, the Juan de Fuca Park Trail that weaves its way from China Beach to Port Renfrew is a truly beautiful and unique place. This painting is of the view looking out over the Sombrio River mouth from the suspension bridge on the trail. The surf that day was perfect and the sun had just set making for a mesmerizing backdrop as greens turned to silhouettes."
- Andrew Talbot -

Archival Paper Print Available $50.00

Art Cards & Giclee Canvas Prints Also Available

Product code: 108-Sombrio
Medium: Prints Reproduced from Original Paintings
Image Size: 15" x 10"
Paper Print Size: 16" x 11"
Art Card Size: 6 1/2" x 4 1/2"