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South Chesterman Beach-Canvas Print
* Colours of artwork may not be exactly as on screen.
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South Chesterman Beach-Canvas Print

SOUTH CHESTERMAN BEACH canvas print is a high quality reproduction of the original painting. printed on stretched canvas. Most canvas prints are limited to editions of 50. Josh numbers and resigns each limited edition print.

"Chesterman beach near Tofino, is split into two sections, North Chesterman and South Chesterman beach or North and South, as the locals call them. While North is the more popular beach for surfing, South has its own charm. South is a sheltered surfing option on big days, or a fun surf spot depending on swell, wind and it hosts some of the most wonderful sunsets. 

I’ve spent much time at South as I grew up surfing with my family as a kid, then as a teenager and young adult with my best friends as we slept in the back of our trucks, camped and did long day trips every weekend to surf. Those days were a whirlwind of fun, and obsessive surfing but the relationships we grew through it as young men were long lasting friendships.

I recently got some news that one of these friends suddenly and tragically passed away. While I had just finished painting this piece, the news immediately brought back a waterfall of good memories with him surfing South Chesterman on nights just like this. In my reflections on my time with Travis, I remember all of our sleep overs in anticipation of good surf in the morning, or long drives uncomfortably crammed in small trucks on the way to the coast, the fun we shared cruising glassy waves or the adrenaline of surfing big days together. I remember us dreaming of getting married one day, raising kids and bringing them along. While we both went on to get married and have sons around the same time, sadly our plans were utterly cut short. 

As our memories live on, South Chesterman will always be a special place of reflection every time we paddle out."
- Joshua Hansen -

Product code: 107-SCBC
Medium: Giclee Print on Canvas of Original Acrylic Painting
Width: 20"
Depth: 1 1/8"
Height: 16"