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NewSlow Morning at Port Neville
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Slow Morning at Port Neville

"If you're headed North from the Strait of Georgia or South from Queen Charlotte Strait, one can tuck in behind islands and channels to get out of nasty weather should it come up. This is true for most of the inside passage, except for a stretch from the north end of Hardwicke Island to the southern end of West Cracroft Island. This stretch of Johnstone Strait can get nasty in a hurry with no relief from the wind and waves. Luckily, halfway through this stretch of water, in a mainland inlet, lies Port Neville.                                                                    In summer months, you can often find an inlet full of anchored up vessels and a government wharf that is full to the brim. All taken refuge and a breather in a safe anchorage before heading back out. The government wharf is not very large, and is badly in need of repair as it has been neglected by the government, yet it is invaluable to all who pass through the area.
My great grandfathers dock, our private family dock that you see here in this painting, holds a lot of memories from my childhood. During all our many, many trips home to Port Neville growing up, we would tie up and walk all of our baggage up the dock, up to Lilly's gate, to be warmly welcomed by Lilly and Oly. Since they have passed away, our private dock has worn down to a few lone pilings and a rough float.
One evening, with both a full inlet and government dock and heavy fog forecasted to roll in by nightfall, these trollers tied up the only place they could, at our rickety old private dock.
We often see boaters pull anchor or untie at the break of dawn; but with the arrival of daybreak and the heavy fog still in the air, these old boys took a slow morning before heading south as the winds began to blow out the fog."
- Joshua Hansen -

Product code: 107-34z
Medium: Original Acrylic Painting on Canvas
Width: 24"
Depth: 1"
Height: 16"

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