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NewWickaninnish Beachcombers-Paper print
* Colours of artwork may not be exactly as on screen.
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Wickaninnish Beachcombers-Paper print

Limited Edition Paper Prints
are printed in runs of 150, each is signed and numbered by the artist.
Locally printed on quality paper that is able to retain the detail of the original paintin

ART CARDS Available 5" x 7" $7.00

"Early one January morning I decided to take a stroll at Wickaninnish beach. I was walking and enjoying the salty air the quietness of the dawn as the sun was just beginning to peak through the shoreline spruce trees, lighting up mist churned up by the Pacific. I had just rounded the corner of the Kwisitis visitor centre when my eyes picked up tracks in the sand. My eyes followed them until they led to what you see here. Being the first one to the area that morning had me fairly convinced these were wolf tracks and immediately began to scan areas I expected to see them. I didn’t find wolves but I snapped a picture and began to visualize the scene prior to my arrival. Perhaps a wolf pack emerged from the nearby timber to cruise the shoreline, beachcombing for what the tide had brought, as if the tide was a mother bird returning home with a snack for its young, like a gift from distant lands. The wolves would then disappear before human discovery leaving only tracks in the sand."
- Joshua Hansen -

Product code: 107-WBP
Medium: Paper Print from Original Painting
Image Size: 14" x 8"
Paper Print Size: 16" x 12"
Art Card Size: 7" x 5" $7.00