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Card- Lynn Maria Waiting for the Night Set
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Card- Lynn Maria Waiting for the Night Set

"When my great-great grandfather came from Norway and settled on the coast at Port Neville in the early 1900's, the Hansen family began a long family history of commercial salmon fishing. I spent my earliest years of life in a play-pen in the hull of a gillnetter as my parents fished through the night.

The Lynn Marie is my grandfathers boat. It's fished up and down the BC coast, all around the island but predominately in Johnstone straits, some of the roughest waters on the coast for many many years. I worked as a deck hand on the Lynn Marie for a couple summers as a young teen in openings in Namu, Alberni inlet, and Johnstone Straits. Some of my fondest memories are watching the sun go down while picking salmon from the net, waking to the smell of bacon, coffee, and salty air after fishing all night, and the excitement of a good set.

Here the Lynn Marie is anchored in a small cove on a rare calm evening in Johnstone Straits, not far from the Hansen homestead waiting for the night set."
- Joshua Hansen -

Product code: 107-C18y
Medium: Art Card From Original Painting
Art Card Size: 7" x 5" $7.00

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