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Card- Oyster River Estuary: Canadian Geese
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Card- Oyster River Estuary: Canadian Geese

"The Oyster River has brought me much joy over the time I’ve dwelt upon its banks. Whether it’s from wading up or downstream with my dog Hank looking for trout to deceive with the fly, or by a black bear wandering by my easel window, or a blacktail deer slyly making it’s way back to bed for the day. These interruptions are frequent and most welcome. 

Roderick Haig-Brown, my favourite author and inspiration for most things in life, had an immense appreciation for birds. This appreciation, evidently infectious as I’ve come to appreciate the feathered critters myself. Like any serious wildlife painter I find birds to be a fascinating subject to paint. 

Back on the Oyster, in the estuary actually, where I was recently on a stroll and to my delight came upon hundreds or maybe thousands of birds just milling about. What a sight. They were all in their separate groups depending on their biological species, a bird watchers paradise. Specifically what interest me are the migratory waterfowl, the Belted Kingfishers busy with their fishing, and the Surf Scoters playing in the swells. 

I was interested and excited to paint the scene from a ducks perspective. The main challenge was properly painting the lumpy water. Still water is much easier to paint but not as interesting. I had to study the way light plays off ripples and waves which took much trial and error. Here is two Canada Geese, a couple stragglers from a larger group nearby as the sun begins to set."
- Joshua Hansen -

Product code: 107-C13y
Medium: Art Card From Original Painting
Art Card Size: 5" x 7"

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