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Sold OutEagle Hero
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Eagle Hero

"One day on our deck, we heard an eagle. It was being divebombed by crows and did not seem to be able to get away from their harassment. Some phone calls were made and the next thing we knew a helicopter was landing on the beach below our house. My husband belted himself in and up they went to the top of the tree. Hanging out of the helicopter doorway, he helped the eagle to release its wing, which had wound itself among the branches. Once released, the eagle made its way slowly to the ground, so weak and hungry that it ate a slug, which later had to be cleaned out of his beak by a local woman who worked saving injured birds. For us, this was an emotional and, in the end, sad experience as the eagle was so malnourished that it could not be saved. This piece is called 'Eagle Hero' in honour of the efforts that were made to save him."  - Shannon McWhinney

Product code: 69-6um
Medium: Colored Pencil Drawing/Gold Leaf on Water Color Paper
Width: 25 1/4" Framed
Height: 33 1/2" Framed