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Banana Slug
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Banana Slug

Limited Edition of 6 prints - Artist signed and numbered
Red Cedar FRAMED #6/6
Unframed edition is SOLD OUT

Each print may vary slightly from other prints in the edition as they are individually hand-printed.


"This is one of the first block prints I did of the west coast. Banana slugs illustrate the ripening of our much loved tropical fruit from all yellow to speckles of brown. They are big, eat gardens, feel gross if you squish one in your bare feet. I have found them in my car, in my gumboots, hiding in my kayak, and snacking on a yam inside my cabin. They are troublemakers in the vegetable garden but necessary to eat the incredible amount of organic matter on the forest floor. A constant source of amusement.


I had a small Banana Slug travel with me on back of my shoe. I don't know how long he/she was with me on my journeys. I had another larger sized Banana slug infiltrate my home, slime up the cupboard door and nestled in and started snacking on a yum, yuck."
- Allison Tremain -

Product code: 127-18f
Medium: 'Limited Edition' Hand Pulled Reduction Block-Cut Print
Image Size: 9" x 6"
Framed Size: 12 3/4" x 10 1/2"

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